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  • Danny van Kooten

    Danny van Kooten

    Writing code and emails for a living. I built several WordPress plugins totalling well over a million downloads. Find me at http://dannyvankooten.com/

  • Jacqui Janzen

    Jacqui Janzen

    Expert laugher, playful web designer, innovation solver

  • Julia Huprich, Ph.D.

    Julia Huprich, Ph.D.

    Champion for lifelong learning. Former librarian. Co-founder of Catcat.com. Editor-in-chief of www.learningscienceweekly.com. Currently @Intellum.

  • Adam Patterson

    Adam Patterson

    UX Designer/Developer at Mailout Interactive, Certified pro bike mechanic, Creator of @tentacleCMS, Husband to @frostedbetty, father of two.

  • Dr. Michael Glock

    Dr. Michael Glock

  • Gary Kovar

    Gary Kovar

    If Code is Poetry, I Write in Anapestic Tetrameter. Curious. Happy Backend Dev @webdevstudios

  • Jonathan Rodriguez

    Jonathan Rodriguez

    #Escritor #Motivador, #Speaker #Emprendedor Amante de redes sociales. #Desarrollo de Tecnologías para Negocios En La #Web . #Creativo, #Esposo #Padre

  • Chris Reynolds

    Chris Reynolds

    WordPress developer. music geek. technophile. dad. @RealSaltLake fan.

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